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Elomi Matilda UW Plunge Bra EL8900 Cafe Au Lait

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*UK Sizing

Matilda's plunge bra features three section cups plus side panels that provide forward shape, great uplift and separation for both comfort and support. A moveable J hook offers easy strap adjustment to racer back, giving freedom to be worn under a variety of styles of tops.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Shawna Dubois

Elomi Matilda UW Plunge Bra EL8900 Cafe Au Lait

Tony Todd Levison

Elomi Matilda UW Plunge Bra EL8900 Cafe Au Lait

Christine Heibeck
Experience not what I expected

I visited your store, after searching for trying to find the right size bra and just not having any luck. I thought since you will be doing fittings and Boutique in your name I would get that individual attention and find something that works. I was very disappointed. I had a teenager assisting me and when she was assisting me she was looking at herself in the mirror when she was talking and fixing her hair. She kept saying that your store didn’t have a lot in stock. It’s not like I’m a unique size. I left there with three bar that just didn’t fit well at all. I’ve only worn them once. You really have to have somebody experienced in there, that gives you good advice and it gives you your attention, especially when you spend $170 on three bras. Unfortunately I won’t be back. 2 stars is pushing it :(

Pam Manning
Very disappointed customer

My first time in your shop because my best friend shops your store a lot so she gave me a gift card for my birthday. I picked out a beautiful black bra after I was fitted but once I wore it it was so tight it cut me underneath my breast to the point the redness lasted 5 days. Because I took off the tags and wore it I could get nothing in return for it. I get all that but I felt I was given very bad customer service the bra obviously didn’t fit properly no exchange or even a gift receipt to purchase something else. I would have settled for half just to be feel some satisfaction as anew customer. The clerk was very cold and threatened to remove me from the store as I tried to plead my case. She said even if I wanted to buy something else she has nothing to offer me because you can’t place any orders right now because of covid. I find that hard to believe all the beautiful things in your store and not one thing I could look at. I lost$75 in your store and it don’t think I want to take another chance. Thank you for your time.

Julie Miles
Customer service beyond expectations

The owner so gracious. She offered to meet me after hours to accommodate my busy schedule. She had items picked out for me before I arrived so the visit was efficient. Great store! Great owner! I will definitely be a repeat customer.